Exploring the Earth

Today in Mrs. Collins’s class students  discussed not only how to take care of the  environment, but also different ways they  can enjoy nature/Earth other than just a walk. They talked about the different types of trees we have on the Discovery school grounds, and used trees as their easel for bark rubbings.


An Integrated Sailing Potpurri


Today was the last Volvo STEM Special for the fifth grade. They finished their map code writing, blog posts, scrimshaws and scale drawings. The Newport Race Village weekend is on May 12th and 13th where an exciting list of activities will be available. Hope to see some of you there.  https://www.volvooceanracenewport.com/race-village



Learning a New Skill

Taking on a new skill is risky. The strive for perfection needs to be put aside as you venture into new territory. Each step can be unfamiliar and perseverance is required. You learn from your mistakes and need to be patient with yourself………. I am so proud of the hard work I saw today as the lamp project pushed our 4th graders students beyond their comfort zone – Mrs. Neseralla


Volvo Ocean Race Comes to the USA!

The 5th graders have been following an around the world sailing race called the Volvo Ocean Race. They tracked the boats from New Zealand to Brazil and this Saturday the race from Brazil to the United States begins. There is an incredible celebration in Newport on the weekend of May 12th and 13th. Newport Race Village is a free event with something for everyone in the family. I had the opportunity to see it three years ago and it was well worth the road trip. Below is a link to the event and schedule. Please reach out if you have any questions.
Mrs. Neseralla – cneseralla@crec.org

A Baby’s Wants and Needs

An exciting integrated lesson took place today in Mrs. Hickey’s first grade classroom. Students were given a catalog and $100 pretend money to buy items for their baby. The babies were made by the students to represent their birth weight and length. The students discussed the difference between wants and needs and had to make sure the essentials were covered before they considered a new Nintendo or a trip to Disney. They had to act as parents and come to consensus on many difficult decisions. After they budgeted their $100 they got to select a surprise card and make adjustments in their plans. A card could be extra money or an unexpected expense. The conversations over the realistic problem solving were wonderful and the students  learned about real upbringing issues and demonstrated compassion.


Third Grade Model Homes

The third graders have one more week of their Architecture STEM Special. They started the exterior finishing touches but had to follow all the building and zoning codes. For anyone out there who has had to adhere to codes you can just imagine some of their frustration over the design limits.

  • No home can be over 3 stories
  • There has to be an exit door on all ground floors in both the front and back of the house
  • Houses can only have one exterior color
  • Windows can only be yellow, black or white
  • Roofs and doors can be any color