Take Apart in PreK

Watch Out! The PreK students in Mrs. Granahan’s class started exploring the inside of electronics. We stressed that they can’t take apart at home without adult supervision. The students were amazing in identifying the problems inventions solved. – Camera – “Helps you remember” – Phone – “Lets you talk to someone not there” – Remote – “Lets you turn on the TV”.  Mrs. Neseralla is collecting take apart donations until the end of the year.

Great Summer STEM Opportunity for 5th Grade Girls

I just found out about a great summer program – Sisters in Science is designed to  increase women in science, technology, engineering and math careers. Through research based innovations, cultural connections with students, art and best program practices, Sisters in Science offers earlier access to science education to maintain girls’ interests in science that will foster continued participation in STEM education in middle school, high school and beyond. It is $100 for 4 weeks for girls going into 6th or 7th grade in New Britain, Berlin and Southington. Spread the word about this great program.

2018 Summer SIS App-28z020b


A Resourceful Engineer – Lamp Instructions by Ehric

Ehric wanted to make Japanese lamps for his cousins as holiday gifts. He asked for the plans but they didn’t exist. The design was made up and it has never been documented until now. Take a look at the great videos he created to make the lamps at home. Now that is a motivated engineer!

Lamp Frame Instructions

Rice Panel Instruction

Japanese Lamp Instructions

Lamp frame pieces
Pine wood ripped in narrow squares strips.
Eight – 5 inch double wide pieces (tops)
Eight – 10 inch single wide pieces (sides)
Four –  14 inch single wide pieces (legs)

Frame Assembly
Assemble 4 sides with glue
When dry, add legs on two sides
Assemble the four sides
Use a rubber band on top and bottom  to hold together
Add two trapezoid pieces to hold the base plate
Drill one inch hole in the center of base plate

Rice Paper sides
Cut rice paper to size
Select a design
Create a mirror image and trace on carving block
Carve out design
Roll on ink
Stamp 3 images on all four paper sides

Final Assembly
Add panels to the inside of the lamps
Glue in base plate
Add lamp cord and bulb

Lamps are Going Home

Today and Tomorrow all the Japanese lamps will go home. What fourth graders have to say:
” The lamp project was a great experience using tools I have never used before.” – Harini –
“It was cool to create something from scratch,” Kylie –
” I am excited to take my lamp home and set it up in my room,” Tanner –
“It was once in a lifetime chance to make a Japanese Lamp,” Payton –