Shark Dentistry

When I woke up today I never imagined I’d be helping 1st graders install golf tee teeth implants in a lemon shark. Mrs. Hickey’s students are researching sharks and decided to engineer a life size model. Stay tuned for more developments in this amazing project.


Take Apart Lab is Coming!

CALLING ALL FAMILIES – Volunteers are needed to work with students during Take Apart Lab. Students will be disassembling electronic equipment (computers, printers, phones, toasters) using mechanical tools. No experience necessary. Reach out to the classroom teacher to volunteer for your child’s class or the whole grade level. Grandparents, uncles and aunts are welcome.

Fourth Grade Wednesday, December 13th
Potocki 9:30-10:20, Padewski 10:25-11:15, Barilla 11:20-12:10

Fifth Grade Friday, December 15th
8:50-9:45 Smith, 9:50-10:45 Worley, 10:45-11:40 Swanson

Third Grade Monday, December 18th
8:50-9:50 Knowles, 9:55-10:55 Daniels, 11:00-12:00 Miller

Second Grade Wednesday, December 20th
8:45-9:40 Gaudino, 9:45-10:40 Marshall, 10:45-11:40 Martucci


Farm Engineering PreK Style

The past two weeks, Mrs. Collin’s PreK students have been exploring the Farm. Some of the concepts they looked at are structures on a farm, different types of farms, and the many jobs a farmer has.  This week they really delved into how cows are milked. In their classroom they made a “milking station” center. They filled gloves with milk, pricked tiny holes in the bottom, and the children squeezed the “utters” to fill the buckets with milk!