The Study of Friction and Momentum

PreK students in Mrs. Lynch’s class worked in Design Lab to test the impact of different ramp surfaces on car velocity. The students discovered through experimentation that sandpaper was slower than cardboard and fabric. There was consensus that there was more friction with the bubble-wrap ramp and wax paper resulted in the least surface friction.

Let the Sewing Technology Begin

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – If you like to cut fabric, sew or stuff dolls first grade needs you. First grade students are making baby dolls that are the same length and weight as they were when they were born! This multidisciplinary project allows us to get to know and appreciate one another’s cultures, families and backgrounds. For math, it gives us a personal connection to the study of measurement and comparing measurements. In Social Studies, we will be using the baby’s wants and needs to study economics. We will be synthesizing all this information in our writing of baby books, which coincides with our non-fiction writing unit.

Budding Meterologists

Our kindergarten students are busy studying weather measuring instruments in Design Lab. They are making anemometers to measure wind speed. The engineering design process can be tricky for kindergartners not to mention saying six syllable words. We put the bar high at Discovery Academy and our students reach it.