Adventure in Food Samplings

We ended the 2nd grade STEM Special – Living off the Earth today with taste treats. Students were able to try many different foods and rate how much they liked them. The winners were: Mango, Pomegranate, Cucumber and Avocado.

Here are the foods they had a chance to sample:

Mango Avocado
Cabbage Basil
Bean sprouts Sugarcane
Sugar Snap Peas Pomegranate
Mushrooms Bac Ha
Cucumber Seaweed

Reflective Light

Students in 1st grade are finishing up their Light and Shadow STEM Special and exploring moon phases and how sunlight reflects off the moon’s surface. They learned that when we see the moon we are actually seeing a portion of the moon that is experiencing daytime. The students challenged themselves to light dinosaurs using mirrors and flashlights to show how light reflects.

Second Grade Recipe Book

As part of our STEM Special – Living off the Earth – Second graders are publishing a kid’s Recipe book.  We want to share favorite family recipes to encourage trying new foods. We will be exploring vegetables, fruit and herbs and learning how to read nutrition labels. Please consider submitting a recipe your family loves. Better yet, let your second grader help you the next time you make it.  (You can also have them help with the typing) Thanks for your contribution! – Mrs. Neseralla, Discovery Academy STEM Coach

Use our online form or write out the recipe below. Link for submitting a recipe –

Submission deadline is November 1st!

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Living Off The Earth

The second graders started their Living Off The Earth STEM Special today. We explored the seasons and discusses why the days are getting shorted and our growing season in Connecticut is ending. They learned about how energy comes from the sun and is transferred to plants. They picked plants on the rooftop to transfer that energy to their bodies. During this unit they will explore nutrition, create a 2nd grade recipe book and sample vegetables, fruit and herbs.