This page has links to STEM Extension projects especially made for students who need enrichment or want to explore their own learning opportunities. These project-based learning webpages allow students to explore, research and create a project or presentation that is student driven. Teachers or parents can help to introduce a STEMension but it is the students who make the projects come to life. Have fun exploring the projects below. ISTE Standards addressed.   Video Introduction

Individual Projects

Trip Adventure
Plan a trip to a
foreign country

Dream Bedroom
Design your own
dream bedroom

Disney World Project
Design and build a new ride at
Walt Disney World

Adopt a Country
Learn about a new country
and culture

Dream House
Design your own
dream house

Colony Links
Learn about the
early colonies

Writing Challenge
Explore different types and
styles of writing

Math Matters
Explore math in the
world around you

Maps Project
Learn about the world through
maps and geography

Flag Project
Become an expert
flag designer

Group Projects

Colonization Quest
Establish and  plan
your own colony

Green School
Create the school
of the future 

Future Playground
Design a responsive

Eco School Project
Design an environmentally
friendly school

Newspaper Project
Learn about the news and
how it is presented

Games Project
Design and develop
your own games




Fifth Grade STEM Projects

Future Quest
5th STEM Special Only
Plan your future life.

Volvo Ocean Race
5th graders followed a live sailing race. Coming again in 2021


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